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Give a Book - Fundraiser

Support our expanded mission to launch a non-profit center in Portugal

Give a Book is super excited to announce that we are expanding our mission and chtaritable programming, with plans to launch a non-profit center in Portugal, where everyone will be able to enjoy books and the education and excitement that they provide, whilst surrounded by nature.

Your donations will allow us to purchase land in Portugal and establish a base for our center.

Here is a description of hte programming that we intend to offer:

Sustainable lodging and education in an environment that is uniquely optimized to experience a state of “flow” unlikely to be possible in most other environments around the world.

Self-directed silent retreats are supported by access to both mental (library, labyrinths, disconnected writing facilities) and physical (nature gym, cold and heat exposure) facilities conducive to entering flow states. Access to locally & sustainably sourced food, where the majority of ingredients will be grown on the on-site farm and gardens reduces decision making and provides educational opportunities.

Supplemental programming includes regularly recurring non-denominational prayer and yoga. As well as other courses which will be studied for their effectiveness at creating a flow state environment; including clay making, woodworking and animal mindfulness.

The retreat center is to be developed with a focus on sustainability, off-grid and eco-principles. Visitors will be able to experience living in sustainable lodging and learn about water, waste and energy management best practices. Farm and garden tours will also be available.

Please see our “donate” page to options available to make a donation towards this fundraiser, or sign up to our mailing list in order to be kept up to date with our progress. We will soon be putting out descriptions for areas that we will be seeking volunteers and will email this to the newsletter when ready.

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August 4, 2022 by Treasury Team

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